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    2017 Christmas Cheese Selection

    $112.00 each

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    Our Christmas selection includes Cremeux de Bourgogne aux Truffes – Cow’s milk – Triple Cream – Bourgogne - France -200g, L’Affiné au Champagne Rosé – Cow’s milk – Washed Rind – Champagne-Ardennes – France - 180g, Coeur du Berry – Goat’s milk – Chevre – Berry - France- 150g, The Fine Cheese Co. Cave Aged Truckle – Cow’s milk – Hard Cheese – Somerset - UK - min 300g, The Fine Cheese Co. Ceramic Stilton pot – Cow’s milk – British Isles - 100g, The Fine Cheese Co. Salted Butter Slightly Salted - 125g, Almond and Apricot Compote, made in SA -120g

    Cow's and Goat's Milk ...
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