Fromagerie Guilloteau

    Crémeux d'Argental

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    Fromagerie Guilloteau is located in the small town of Pélussin in the Rhône-Alpes region. The company pioneered the use of ultra-filtration in cheese making, a process that has various outcomes including accelerating cheese maturation by removing some water thus concentrating the milk. This also helps to create that lusciously creamy mouth feel that is so loved by the devotees of this cheese style. As this product is air-freighted to us it arrives young, fresh and firm with a velvety white mould rind. This cheese exhibits an oozing creamy texture with delicate mushroom aromas. As it ripens it will become silky and spreadable with a hint of nutty sweetness.

    Cow’s Milk ...

    Made by Fromagerie Guilloteau

    Fromagerie Guilloteau, Rhône Alps France. Fromagerie Guilloteau produces some of France’s finest speciality cheeses from the heart of the Pilat Regional Park in the small town of Pélussin in the Rhône-Alpes region.

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