Hervé Mons Fromager Affineur

    Délice de St Cyr 200g

    $19.95 each

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    This soft bloomy rind triple cream is sourced from the Ile de France in North-Central France. The milk in enriched with ripened cream and then made using traditional methods. The fine white rind encases a delicate savoury but very creamy interior.

    Cow’s Milk ...

    Made by Hervé Mons Fromager Affineur

    In 1964, Hubert Mons and his wife decided to sell cheese on the markets in and around Roanne. In 1983, Hervé, the eldest son, set up the first shopfront in the Roanne city center. Other shops followed along with the maturing cellars in Saint-Haon-le-Châtel. In the 90s, his brother Laurent joined him. A few years ago, the company became international and is now trading all over the world.

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