Comté & Landhaus GFWS Special 1pk

$67.00 each
Members Special

This special offer has been put together with our good friends at Landhaus Wines to celebrate the fun and fulfilling Masterclasses held in Sydney and Melbourne over the past few weeks.

We've chosen to release a truly special cheese for this occasion; a 30-month-old wheel of Comte made from summer milk collected in high altitude where the number of flowers in 20 times the amount you find at sea level. It is then matured in caves that were originally military fort in Napoleon’s time. It is then selected by our good friend Herve Mons, Maître Affineur et Meilleur Ouvier de France - The Best Craftsmen in France! It really is something very special and may well be the finest wheel of this type in Australia currently.

To match, we've selected the exquisite and delicately balanced Grenache from Landhaus Wines. Grenache is a great match for cheese as it has a wonderful fruitiness, and more importantly, a great level of acidity that will cut through the fat content of this cheese.

So fruity wine matched with an exquisite nutty and floral Comté… Taste is a very personal ‘thing’ but you might well find yourself in heaven if you ask us!

Included in this selection:

Mons 30 month Comte x 400g

Landhaus Grenache 750ml

*Total Cost: $85.00 Including Postage and Handling

Place of origin

France and Australia

About Hervé Mons Fromager Affineur

In 1964, Hubert Mons and his wife decided to sell cheese on the markets in and around Roanne. In 1983, Hervé, the eldest son, set up the first shopfront in the Roanne city center. Other shops followed along with the maturing cellars in Saint-Haon-le-Châtel. In the 90s, his brother Laurent joined him. A few years ago, the company became international and is now trading all over the world.

Alcohol by volume


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