Aussie ISO Box

$122.00 each

150g Milawa King River Gold

230g Woodside McLaren Camembert

200g Section 28 Fontina Vecchio

200g Linds Orange Blossom Honeycomb

150g Skara Mezze Trio

350g D'Angelo Coffee

135g the sugar man peanut butter on toast chocolate

160g Birky's French Pate

150g Muscatels

100g Cheese Culture Crispbreads

Place of origin


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Australia Day Reminder

Please note: Smelly Cheese will not be dispatching orders on Monday the 25th of January. 

If you would like cheese delivered in time for Australia Day celebrations, please order by 12noon on Wednesday 20th of January.

All orders placed after this time will be dispatched on Wednesday the 27th of January.

Thank you.