Al Malto D'Orzo E Whisky

$50.00 each
Cow's and Goat's Milk

The story of Beppino Occelli is a very personal story based on intuition, projects and realisation, but also tells of sacrifices and misunderstandings due to a mentality and a lifestyle imposed by industrial logic and the cultural impoverishment of the mountains and the countryside.

Fighting against the tendency to make everything the same, Beppino Occelli has created his interpretations of traditional products that represents his deep and indissoluble love for his land: the Langhe and the Alps.

For a very limited time only, get a chunk of Beppino Occelli’s most outrageous specialty cheeses delivered in one of our Smelly Cheese Shop cooler bag for only $50 (valued at $70).

Be quick as it will not last for very long…

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