Casa Madaio Il Rosso

$98.95 per kg
Sheep’s Milk

Casa Madaio is a family owned business located in Campania, in the national park of Cilento. The family home, a castle with three towers is reflected in their distinctive logo. It is said that it represents the connection of the past with the future. For four generations the techniques of producing and ripening cheese have been handed down from father to son, to create a truly authentic Italian cheese range. Il Rosso is a semi matured Pecorino coated with Senise chilli peppers that gives it a reddish-orange crust. It is fairly smooth in texture with a rich, spicy flavour. This cheese is aged in caves situated in Eboli for 4 months then an extra 2 months in Castelcivita. The result is a stunning looking cheese with a unique flavour combining grassy notes and the subtle scent of pepper.

Place of origin


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