Brunet 250g

$21.00 each
Goat’s Milk

Typical of its Piemonte origins, this lightly aged goat cheese is elegant and sophisticated. Influenced by its proximity to France, this region tends to make more delicate cheese styles, which make excellent companions for their refined, cool climate wines. Brunet has a fudgy interior, while its outer layers become increasingly lush and creamy as the rippled, off-white edible rind works its magic. The flavour is a beautiful balance of mushroom earthiness and citrus tang. Minimum weight is 250g

About Caseificio Dell'Alta Langa, Piemonte Italy

The dairy is located in the Alta Langa Bosia, halfway between Alba and Cortemilia, and takes its name from Alta Langa Piemontese, area for the most part still green, famous for its wine and cheese.

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