Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue

$87.10 per kg
Cow’s Milk

The Colston Bassett and District Dairy lies near the border of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire in an area known as the Vale of Belvoir. The dairy was built in 1913 specifically to make stilton by a group of locals that included dairy farmers. This cheese has nothing to do with the county of Shropshire rather it originated in Scotland in the 1970's before production was transferred to Leicestershire, where it is made in almost the same way as stilton except for its colouring. The addition of Annatto, a seed from a bush native to South America, gives this cheese its distinctive colour. Shropshire has a full lingering flavour with a hint of nuttiness to balance the sweet blue notes.

About Colston Bassett Dairy

Colston Bassett Dairy, Nottinghamshire UK. Colston Bassett Dairy is the home of traditional Stilton and Shropshire Blue cheeses. Their dairy has been making outstanding cheese for over one hundred years and the farming co-operative which was first established in 1913, is still in operation today.

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