Normandie Camembert - Grand Terroir 250g

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Cow’s Milk

Camembert, one of the most famous French cheeses, was reputedly first made in 1791 by Marie Harel, a farmer from Normandie. She had given refuge to a priest who gave her the recipe in gratitude. She first made the cheese for her family, but word spread and the rest is legend. This version of French Camembert is produced by Fromagerie Gillot in the heart of Normandie. The velvety white rind encases a pale yellow interior which softens towards the outer edges. The rind has mild mushroom aromas that are well balanced with the saltiness and supple creamy texture of the interior. The flavour profile displays cauliflower and yeast notes, an indication of a real Camembert.

About Fromagerie Gillot

The Gillot Creamery was founded in 1912 on the site it has occupied for a century, in the heart of the hedged farmland of the Orne. Six successive families have worked to keep the real tradition of Norman cheese alive. The tradition of moulding by hand with a ladles, which stands at the heart of their cheese making process, are identical since they started making cheese. Around that the environment has changed a lot with the application of modern technology.

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