Bethmale de Chèvre

$99.95 per kg
Cow’s Milk
Goat’s Milk

This is a pasteurised goat milk version of an ancient traditional cow milk cheese called Bethmale. They are named after the French town where they are made in the Ariege region of the Midi-Pyrénées. At six weeks of age the cheese is moved from the maker to the maturing tunnel of French Affineur, Hervé Mons. The ripening of the cheese takes another six weeks during which time the cheese continues to be brushed and turned frequently. Bethmale de Chèvre develops a natural rind as a result of the light washes and brushings during its maturation. The interior is firm but supple with a smattering of tiny openings. The floral mellow flavour has hazelnut overtones and may differ a little seasonally, due to variation in the milk from the grasses eaten by the goats.

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