La Vera Belmondo Blue

$105.00 per kg
Buffalo Milk

This unique cheese is produced by La Vera, set up by the Marmorale family in 1984 in the foothills of Adelaide. The company was established by Pino, the Head Cheesemaker, who learnt traditional cheesemaking methods in Italy to apply to his own cheeses back in Australia. He has since passed this knowledge on to the next generation who continue the family tradition of producing a fine selection of original and classic Italian-style cheeses. Made in the style of the well-known Adel Blue, the Belmondo is made with 100% South Australian Buffalo Milk, from the state’s only Buffalo herd. The texture is smooth and creamy, and the classically fruity flavour progresses into a rich but delicate, nutty finish, as is characteristic of buffalo milk

Place of origin

SA, Australia

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