SA Christmas Selection 2.2kg

$100.00 each
Cow’s Milk
Buffalo Milk

280g - Paris Creek Farms Triple Cream Brie - Cow's Milk - White Mould - Australia, 120g - Lilyarra Goat - Goat Milk - Chevre - Australia, 150g - Section 28 Mont Priscilla - Cow's Milk - Semi- Hard - Australia, 150g - La Vera Belmondo Blue - Buffalo Milk - Blue Vein - Australia, 100g - Muscatels, 50g - Lucy's Foods Fig Paste, 100g - Cheese Culture Crackers, 750ml Murdoch Hill Rosé

Place of origin

South Australia, Australia

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Christmas Orders
Last orders for pre-Christmas delivery must be placed by midnight Sunday 13th of December 2020. Orders placed after this time will be dispatched in the New Year from Monday the 11th January 2021 Our on-line store will not be dispatching orders between the 16.12.20 and 10.01.21