Munster Géromé AOP 500g

$41.45 each
Cow’s Milk

Munster was created in the 12th Century by the Benedictine monks who were forbidden to eat meat. The milk is sourced from Vosgiennes cows that graze the Alsatian Vosges pasturelands and are renowned for producing high protein milk. This contributes to the unique character of this cheese which is well known for its pungent aroma and meaty flavour. The cheese is matured at 11-15°C and 95% humidity during which time it is washed in brine and turned every two to three days. This creates a finely textured, sticky golden rind that is slightly sweet. The interior of the cheese is soft and smooth with intense yeasty, meaty flavours displaying both sweet and savoury notes.

About Maison Fischer

Maison Fischer, Alsace France. Specialszing in the refining of Munster cheese since 1926, the Fischer House has won numerous medals for the quality of its cheeses.

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