Section 28 Monforte

$103.90 per kg

Kym Masters went to the Haut Jura region of France to study the most popular cheese in France, Comté Gruyère. What he loved about it was its diversity – there are different varieties, depending on which valley the cheese is made in that are recognised in their own right, such as Beaufort and Gruyere. Kym returned to set up Section 28, where he is hand-making uniquely Australian cheeses that references this European heritage and cheese making traditions while having a style and flavour that are distinctly their own to show case the milk of the Adelaide Hills. Monforte is made in a large wheel that takes six months to mature. It has a well-balanced full flavour which the maker describes as “a herbaceous taste with roasted hazelnut undertones and an umami back flavour,”

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