The Survival Box 1.9kg

$122.00 each

This is the box you need for a weekend away, with a little bit of everything to keep everyone happy.

This is also the box your friend or loved one needs if they are in hotel quarantine or self isolation.

This box contains :

200g Coal River Ash Brie - Australia - Cow's Milk - White Mould

150g Cheese Culture 4 year old Cloth Cheddar - Australia - Cow's Milk - Hard Cheese

300g Kris Lloyd Persian Buffalo Feta - Australia - Cow's Milk - Fresh Cheese

160g Birky’s French Pate

150g Coriole Kalamata Olives

150g Skara Mezze Trio

120g the sugar man chocolate

200g Linds Honeycomb

150g Muscatels

100g Cheese Culture Crispbreads

Let us deliver it to you or them for only $18

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