Cheese and Champagne

$182.00 each

This Christmas Selection celebrates the finer things in life because you deserve them!

200g Brie a la Truffe - Cow's Milk - White Mould - France

170g St Maure Cendre - Goat's Milk - Chevre - France

200g Soumaintrain - Cow's Milk - Washed Rind - France

200g Cheese Culture Aged Cheddar - Cow's Milk - Hard Cheese - South Australia

150g Blu 61 - Cow's Milk - Blue Vein - Italy

750ml Champagne Brimoncourt Brut Régence

100g Cheese Culture Crackers

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Australia Day Reminder

Please note: Smelly Cheese will not be dispatching orders on Monday the 25th of January. 

If you would like cheese delivered in time for Australia Day celebrations, please order by 12noon on Wednesday 20th of January.

All orders placed after this time will be dispatched on Wednesday the 27th of January.

Thank you.