Winter Warmer

$50.00 each
Cow’s Milk

250g Hervé Mons Fourme d'Ambert - Cow's Milk - Auvergne, France, Blue-Vein

Traditionally made in the area of Ambert, in the Auvergne region the Mons family (affineurs for three generations), provide this cheese to the best tables in France. This cylindrical shaped cheese has a smooth, creamy beige interior with liberal blue veining throughout. It is matured in humid, well ventilated cellars producing a cheese with a grey brown rind discarded by some, enjoyed by others. The unique flavour is milky yet complex with earthy overtones. There is a lightness and sweetness to this luscious cheese which makes it a crowd pleaser. Even those not usually fond of the blue cheese style have been known to enjoy this beauty.

375ml Woodstock - Old Fortified Tawny Style, McLaren Vale, South Australia

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