Vigneron 110g

$10.95 each
Goat’s Milk

The Woodside Cheese Wrights commenced production in 1994 and with Kris Lloyd as head cheese maker, they continue to produce specialty cheeses with character and plenty of flavour. This cheese was created in order to showcase the vine leaves and wines from the family vineyard in McLaren Vale. The young cheeses are gently washed with Coriole Chardonnay then wrapped in vine leaves which have been hand selected from the vineyard Vigneron is a pleasantly earthy goat cheese with a soft silky interior that displays hints of grassiness and a delicate goat milk flavour. When ripe, a smooth, velvety paste oozes out from under the leaves and the flavour develops more complexity.

About Woodside Cheese Wrights

Woodside Cheese Wrights has produced a range of high quality award winning cheeses since 1994. Their sophisticated range of cow, goat and buffalo milk cheeses are made by directly sourcing milk from small local dairies, providing them with excellent control of milk quality.

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