Zoom Cheese and Wine Box 3rd of June

$102.00 each
Cow's, Goat's and Sheep's Milk

Join Valerie Henbest for an online Cheese and Wine event. 6-7pm AEST June 3rd.

The Cheese and Wine will be delivered direct to your door in time for this fun and informative Master Class. Please order your cheese and wine before 9pm Sunday 31st of May.

Cheeses include:

150g Cremeux D'Argental - White Mould - Cow's Milk - France 150g Woodside Edith - Chevre - Goat's Milk - SA 150g Milawa King River Gold - Cow's Milk - VIC 150g Secrets de Compostelle - Semi-Hard - Sheep's Milk - France 150g Prom Country Venus Blue - Blue Vein - Sheep's Milk - VIC 100g Cheese Culture Crackers Muscatels

Plus a bottle of Murdoch Hill Pinot Noir 2018.

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